James Sanders

James serves as the Executive Director of the Association; he officially serves about a day a week strengthening our work as an Association. James recently retired from a long and recognized career in Northwest collegiate ministry.

Patti Ford

Patti serves as the Administrative Assistant of the Association; she serves part-time communicating with churches, managing finances, and preparing information. Patti also works in a local law office.

Steve Peters

Steve serves as the Leadership Team leader/Moderator for the Association; he leads the Leadership Team and moderates the annual meeting. Steve serves as the Associate Pastor of Capital Baptist in Salem.

Ted Haws

Ted serves as the Vice Moderator for the Association and serves as the Pastor Fellowship leader for the Association. Ted is serving in his second season as Pastor of Trinity Baptist in Lebanon after retiring from more than a decade of service with the Northwest Baptist Convention.

Bill Griffith

Bill serves as the Disaster Relief leader for the Association; he oversees the Disaster Relief trailer that the Association operates as well as the Disaster Reliefs efforts of the Association. Bill is a leader at New Hope Baptist in Creswell.

Ryan Moore

Ryan serves as the Collegiate Ministry facilitator for the Association; he serves in Collegiate Ministry on the University of Oregon campus. Ryan is also on leadership at The Beautiful Mess in Eugene.